National Action Plan on Climate Change

National Action Plan on Climate Change (NAPCC) is a policy instrument announced by India in 2008, with the aim of tackling climate change in a manner that promotes inclusive and sustainable development. The implementation of NAPCC is overseen by the Prime Minister’s Council on Climate Change.

NAPCC comprises of 8 sectoral Missions:

  • National Solar Mission
  • National Mission for Enhanced Energy Efficiency
  • National Mission on Sustainable Habitat
  • National Water Mission
  • National Mission for Sustaining the Himalayan Ecosystem (NMSHE)
  • National Mission for Green India (GIM) 
    • expanding forest cover to 33% to enhance ecosystem services such as  carbon sequesteration, and also provisioning services
    • improving forest based livelihood
  • National Mission for Sustainable Agriculture
  • National Mission on Strategic Knowledge for Climate Change

Criticism of NAPCC

  • NAPCC was crafted hurriedly to secure international standing, with little regard to strategy of implementation.
  • Implementation of NAPCC has been slow. Schemes related to agriculture, water resources, and environment are not coordinated or aligned with the NAPCC, rendering the NAPCC ineffective and redundant.

See the Official NAPCC document on
See a detailed report of the progress and limitations of NAPCC on

More related information:

National Adaptation Fund for Climate Change (NAFCC) 

NAFCC is a fund that supports projects that aim to promote adaptation and resilience to climate change. It was set up in 2015 under NABARD (National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development). It is implemented by NABARD as a central sector scheme.

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